We have had the pleasure to redesign IFPMA's Website, Corporate Brochure and other Marketing Materials

    International Federation of Pharmaceutical Manufacturers & Associations

  • Beauty Seen

    ACW helps WHO Win a BMA Medical Book Award

    This [handbook] is relevant and inviting to use with clear, helpful and accurate content. It uses a concise yet thorough format, inviting presentation with generous spacing to allow ease of access to information.”

    British Medical Association's official judge

  • HAP website launch

    IRU Annual Report

    The International Road Transport Union (IRU) is the leading world road transport organisation, which upholds the interests of bus, coach, taxi and truck operators to ensure economic growth and prosperity via the sustainable mobility of people and goods by road worldwide.
  • International AIDS Conference 2013

    WHO/HIV – "First ever" Consolidated Guidelines – design and production

    The launch has been hugely successful in KL... It’s a great result of the work you’ve done for us so thank you and congratulations.”

    Tunga Namjilsuren – Programme Development and Implementation, HIV/AIDS Department

  • UNHCR My Life as a Refugee App

    UNHCR – My Life as a Refugee App – design, build and promotion

    ...'My Life as a Refugee' successfully uses a unique, interactive concept to get their worthy message across”

    The Guardian

    Appy Awards

    Appy Awards Finalist 2012

  • WSSCC Hygiene Health Initiative

    WSSCC – Menstrual Health Campaign – educational collateral

    We have really enjoyed working with you and ACW in 2013. Your work and quality is top notch, especially your customer orientation.”

    David Trouba – Senior Communications and Outreach Officer

  • International AIDS Conference 2013

    IAS – 2013 International AIDS Conference – Stand design, production and build

    We found ACW excellent at every step of the way for our exhibition stand development. It was a large undertaking with complex details, but ACW excelled in both creative and logistical ways. They are very customer focussed and deliver with style and on time.”

    Sian Bowen, Senior Communications
    Manager – IAS

At ACW we like to work closely with clients to create remarkable integrated solutions to marketing objectives.

And with the full complement of skills in-house we deliver just that, with target audiences remembering what was said long after the communication is over.