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“This [handbook] is relevant and inviting to use with clear, helpful and accurate content. It uses a concise yet thorough format, inviting presentation with generous spacing to allow ease of access to information.”

British Medical Association's official judge

ACW helps WHO Win a BMA Medical Book Award

In September 2015, the British Medical Association announced the winners of its 20th annual Medical Book Competition. And claiming first prize in the field of obstetrics and gynaecology was the World Health Organization’s Clinical Handbook for Safe Abortion, with design work by ACW. Appraisals were conducted by experts in the field who examined the entries on qualities that included accuracy of subject matter, whether the book filled a market gap and overall presentation quality.

Here’s what the BMA’s official judge had to say about the project:

“This [handbook] is relevant and inviting to use with clear, helpful and accurate content. It uses a concise yet thorough format, inviting presentation with generous spacing to allow ease of access to information. Use of figures and diagrams to summarise information helps to consolidate reader’s knowledge and understanding. A very ‘portable’ design that could easily be used in the clinical setting.”



IRU Annual Report

The International Road Transport Union (IRU) is the leading world road transport organisation, which upholds the interests of bus, coach, taxi and truck operators to ensure economic growth and prosperity via the sustainable mobility of people and goods by road worldwide.

ACW won the job of producing their first ever, externally produced Annual Report, and because of this they set before us an ambitious set of goals. It was to be based around the concept of “Real People, Real Transport” and had to demonstrate the positive effect that effective road transport has on the lives of everyone – championing IRU’s main achievements in 2014 and looking forward to the events and challenges of 2015. Whilst the report has the role of promoting the road transport sector it also had to present the challenges it faces and the sustainable solutions it propose.

The challenge was to transform the dense text into an exciting and visually engaging user experience. ACW started by reorganising the structure of the document so that it demonstrated their achievements into clearly delineated chapters and interlacing these with a series of statements and “real-life” testimonials from their staff and members (with the interactive version featuring many of these as videos).

The final report contained a mix of arresting imagery, rewriting the text to become concise and informal and translating complicated facts and figures into arresting and informative graphics. Many of the spreads were given over entirely to infographics; condensing text into clearly understandable layouts that engage as well as they inform.

Some of the most striking elements in the report are the large images that literally translated the report concept “Real People, Real Transport” – combining images of people and transport themes into highly evocative works of art.

Right from the start it was envisioned that the outcome result in a radically different Annual Report, with an enhanced reading experience and links to exclusive video interviews, a 360º virtual tour, interactive maps, animations and much, much more.

The printed, interactive mobile and tablet-friendly version of “IRU 2015” was produced by us in English and translated and produced also into French, Russian, Spanish, Arabic and Mandarin.



Thank you so much for the visuals at yesterday’s event. My client was so impressed with the room.

Hannah Lloyd – Beauty Seen PR

Astalift PR Event

A new client for ACW and the pressure was on for us to impress; a great challenge… and we hope you agree, a great result!

The Astalift anti-ageing skincare brand has been developed using Fujifilm’s specialist technological background and expertise in collagen, antioxidants and micronisation to recover younger looking skin. Active ingredients within the advanced formulations leave skin feeling hydrated, firm and more radiant.

Our client had just a few days to arrange a PR event for their client Astalift, part of the giant Fujifilm Corporation, to publicise the launch of their NEW Light Analyzing Moisture Foundation. Our initial recce at the swanky Philippe Starck designed St Martins Lane Hotel revealed a totally white, marble-lined room, with floor-to-ceiling windows running along one side. With just a few days and minimal budget we had to think quickly to dress this completely blank canvas. Taking advantage of the clients red house colour and the light flooding into the room we thought it would be great to hang translucent film in strips to give the room some dramatic light-effects. The addition of a matching red vinyl logo and product visuals completed the transformation into a stunningly elegant Astalift "branded" space.

A success all round with all parties suitably impressed.


MHM Tent Menstrual Wheel
MHM Girl

ACW help WSSCC shine a light on menstrual hygiene management

International conventions and action plans elaborate on women’s sexual and reproductive rights but stop short of explicitly naming menstruation. WSSCC is taking a leading role to break the silence around Menstrual Hygiene Management through its work, including a special seminar organised on the 8th March 2013 on International Women’s Day to share current directions in global research, policy and practice on Menstrual Hygiene Management (MHM).

Menstrual Hygiene remains a taboo subject, biologically centre stage but neglected in adolescent girls and women’s health, education and quality of life. Even traditionally infrastructure-focused sectors such as water and sanitation, ignore the gender dimensions of managing safe and hygienic disposal of menstrual blood, materials used to absorb it and the safe spaces to do so.

For this important event ACW produced some highly visible materials to promote this ground-breaking initiative. Our brief was to design graphics that could be applied to a wide range of educational materials – with the centrepiece being a 3m x 3m tent that could not only act as a highly distinctive WSSCC stand but go on to be used as a place in which girls could be taught about menstrual hygiene out in the field.

We designed the tent to look like a typical Indian hut, with traditional 'tiled' roof and mud walls. The other panels were designed with attractive imagery showing the training process, the three main campaign pledges and the 'bracelet' graphic denoting the menstrual cycle were added with a zipped front panel (with a door graphic) to add privacy when required. The frame is in lightweight, but strong aluminium and the whole tent can be erected quickly and easily and packs down into its own wheeled case.

Other supporting materials included an interactive wheel explaining the stages of menstruation and a metre-high doll on which the trainers could demonstrate the use of sanitary towels. The wheel simply explains the process of menstruation four key stages – the bottom ring rotates with appropriate text and graphics appearing in the windows above – the key one being a simplified illustration of the uterus. This version is in English, but further versions will be produced in Hindi.

For the 'interactive doll' we had to produce a depiction of an indian girl on which the trainers could illustrate the use of sanitary towels. We illustrated the girl in typical dress of 'Salwar Kameez' and had to make it possible for her to be undressed so that the towels could be demonstrated practically. This was achieved by producing the main girl graphic on a metallic paper so that the 'clothes' would attach when printed onto magnetic-based stock. To make the doll durable we affixed the graphic onto strong, light and waterproof plastic foam and also hinged her in the middle to make it easier to transport.

To view a video of Archana Patkar, WSSCC Programme manager, Networking & Knowledge Management, speaking at the United Nations Palais on 8th March 2013 during the Celebrating Womanhood : Menstrual Hygiene Management event, please see adjacent.


10,000 downloads in the first month My Life as a Refugee – App

Just after Christmas 2011, UNHCR – The UN Refugee Agency, awarded ACW the contract to ‘Raise awareness to the plight of refugees’. With UNHCR about to launch the ‘1 is too many’ campaign we decided to take an innovative approach; to design an App that dealt head-on with the awful situations refugees have to endure. The challenge was to design, build and successfully market an app that delivered on the brief to educate and inform in a way that interactively engaged the public at large.

For them to understand the plight of refugees we decided they had to be able to empathise with them. In order for us understand the issues refugees readily contend with, we read scores of case studies from individuals and families all around the world in war-torn and environmentally unstable areas – with the resulting three storylines written around these actual experiences;

  • Merita - a seven months pregnant woman in the centre of a civil war
  • Paulo - a 15 year old boy forced to become a child soldier
  • Amika - a young mother speaking out for women’s rights.

By virtually living these roles, the user is faced with making the same decisions that these individuals encounter on a daily basis, with potentially devastating outcomes.

My Life as a Refugee is a ground-breaking educational tool designed against the climate of rising intolerance towards refugees and asylum seekers. Users have to grapple with challenges that few of us in the Western world can understand, and learn about their rights and needs. An RSS feed built into the app pulls the latest refugee news from the UNHCR website, while integration with Facebook lets users start discussions with their friends.

A video message by Angelina Jolie reinforces the message that ‘this is not a game’ and discusses the reality of the current state of refugee affairs. The unique role-playing experience is suitable for anyone, and has since been endorsed by UK Immigration and Asylum representatives who believe the app should be a ‘compulsory part of training for UKBA officials and immigration judges.’

Effective App Marketing

Being an app the competition is fierce, however the buzz generated by ACW aroused interest from both the general public and global news vendors with organisations such as the BBC and The Guardian reporting on the positive impact of the app for Refugees.

With 10,000 downloads in its first month in the Apple and Android stores, the app has been a resounding success. Ministers, app reviewers and policy makers alike have praised the innovative approach, finding it to be an invaluable tool in the mission to raise awareness and educate people all over the world to the horrors suffered by Refugees.

"…'My Life as a Refugee' successfully uses a unique, interactive concept to get their worthy message across" - The Guardian

"…'My Life as a Refugee' is a simple to use free app that raises awareness of the plight of the refugees and gives the viewer some sort of an insight into their tragedy" - FeedMyApp ★★★★★

"…pulls no punches over the horror some people are forced to face and… is an effective tool in raising awareness" -