ACW have been fortunate enough to work with the International AIDS Society for the past two years; 2012 marked the organisations nineteenth IAS Conference being held in Washington DC, the first of its kind in the United States for nearly twenty years.

In preparation for the conference, ACW became a supporter of IAS, designing a range of marketing materials including multiple publications, roll-up banners and stand graphics for IAS, JIAS and ILF. With literally thousands of stands, satellite sessions and guest speakers the area needed to stand out from the crowd. Despite the sheer vastness of the arena and the volume of other exhibitors, the IAS secured a huge amount of traffic over the course of the six days, with many complimenting the organisations presence and marketing materials.

In support of such fantastic strides forward to find a cure to HIV, ACW visited the conference to further understand the impact of AIDS and the important work carried out at the conferences, greet familiar faces and meet some new ones. It was gratifying to see our clients receive such glowing reviews for their part in the event, and a hugely rewarding experience to meet some of the up and coming charities making huge strides towards helping those afflicted by HIV.

ACW were allocated a small area on the publications stand to give out a few of our own portfolios, which were tremendously well received. Visit http://www.iasociety.org/ to see more.