ACEA is an advocate for the automobile industry in Europe, representing manufacturers of passenger cars, vans, trucks and buses with production sites in the EU.

Principally its mission is to engage in a wide range of activities involved with monitoring key issues affecting the automobile industry; communicating the role and importance of the industry; engaging in dialogue with the European institutions with a remit to inform policymaking and acting as a portal and facilitator of expert knowledge on vehicle-related regulation.



The rising impact of transport demand and the environmental challenges that this raises is part of an increasing focus on the automobile industry.

ACW were asked to present a “manifesto” illustrating (literally and figuratively) the progress that motor manufacturers have made as well as future mobility solutions.

Our solution was to translate the vast amount of facts and figures into a document that was lively, entertaining and above all, informative.

We achieved this by organizing and rewriting the content into a series of themes that could be incorporated into an engaging series of illustrated "cityscapes".


  • ACEA Microsite
  • ACEA Microsite


"Reducing CO2 Emissions" is the first in a series of campaigns based around how the European automotive industry has been working hard to reduce emissions by investing in new technology.

ACW were asked to produce a couple of eight page booklets and an accompanying microsite to illustrate the progress made in reducing CO2 emissions and how to best address climate change.

The materials had to state the case for a ‘whole of society’ approach that looks at not only reducing emissions from vehicles, but also looking at all factors influencing CO2 emissions.

We clearly presented the facts in colour-coded to sections using illustrations and graphics that resulted in informative and engaging visitor experiences.