Founded as an old-world apothecary in New York’s East Village over 150 years ago; Kiehl's products have been made utilising the finest natural ingredients in unique formulations and are recognised all over the world. Kiehl’s brand is characterised by a quirky and humorous style. We were briefed to produce a range of distinctive and thought-provoking materials designed to portray these unique Kiehl’s properties.

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Creme de Corps Direct Mail campaign

We have developed a wide and varied selection of themes for their campaigns. Featured is a direct mail leaflet (in three languages), had not only to portray their heritage and quality but also adhere to their ethical principles. Printed with vegetable-based inks on environmentally friendly paper, we even managed to seal the edge of this 6 page leaflet with an invisible strip of glue to maintain the premium look and feel.

What's Your Favourite product?

Another off-the-wall message from Kiehl's to engage and entice. We were able to use archive photography of their New York store to reinforce their heritage (and relaxed recruitment procedures!). Hopefully we managed to produce an item sympathetic with their brand ethos; once seen never forgotten – once tried, a favourite forever!


These ranges of premium marketing materials deliver a selection of carefully targeted messages. Each piece reinforces the brand’s unique position within the marketplace, its excellent customer service and commitment to the community.