T-Zone market a range of Cleanse, Clear and Care products for teenagers and twenty-somethings. Their innovative range contains the effective natural ingredients of Tea Tree oil and Manuka Honey and receives awards and great press coverage.

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Website re-design 2013

Their site was unattractive and more importantly underperforming, with many visitors either not staying on the site for very long or leaving straight away. It was our task to come up with a strategy to encourage longer dwell times on the site and increase sales.

ACW firstly undertook the all important investigative phase; comparing recent analytics, performing competitor analysis and refining user experience and user interaction. Once this had been thoroughly completed we decided, in conjunction with the client, that the only effective answer would be to redesign the site – replacing the contents with something much more focussed and easier to navigate. Keeping the site within its existing framework, including the back-end functionality enabled the exercise to be as cost-effective as possible.

Secondly was to scrub up and refresh the tired graphics and layouts, refining the colour palette to accentuate the T-Zone ethos and the clean, effective nature of the products. Finally we incorporated our detailed SEO analysis and keyword recommendations into the site to ensure as many targeted visitors are directed to the website as possible.

The site delivers just what was required; the home page gives a quick snapshot of T-Zone and its products, with secondary links to key areas and offers; whilst clean graphics and clear messaging reinforces the premium product range whose pages are now clear with focus given to complementary products adding a valuable 'cross-sell' function.