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With a vision to seek a world of hope, tolerance and social justice, where poverty has been overcome and people live in dignity and security, CARE is a global force and partner of choice within a worldwide movement dedicated to ending poverty.

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Annual Reports 2010/2011/2012


As an International Secretariat, CARE had never produced an annual review that presented a wider picture of their achievements. ACW were briefed with producing their 2010 Annual Report and an accompanying broadsheet to showcase the work of its national offices in a stimulating and accessible way. CARE wanted this report to begin a new chapter in style and presence that would help reinforce the International office in Geneva to raise its awareness as a central resource of information to all other national offices.

Once we had analysed existing national publications it was possible to define a strategy to position CARE appropriately. By developing a hierarchical structure we were able to present their global strategies clearly in ways that showcased their achievements perfectly – our designers were also keen to inject a new house style that differentiated this landmark document. CARE was delighted with the report and ACW’s commitment to detail, support and the subsequent result; so much so that they asked us to apply and develop this style across all future key communications.

We have subsequently produced the last two years publications, managing to evolve the publications branding style and further improve effectiveness of messaging.


CARE Website CARE Website CARE Website

Website re-design 2013

We were delighted when CARE came to us for advice on how to update their website and add much-needed functionality and social abilities. After a thorough audit of their existing site, future content and requirements – it was time to reinvent it to become an immersive and intuitive user experience.

ACWs web and design teams wanted a site with looks to match its brawn; rearranging the structure and contents into clearly laid out elements, segmented and highlighted with attractive colourways that enable visitors to access key information quickly. CARE is a people-based organisation, so to reflect this we featured images at the top of each page to reflect the diversity of people they help around the world – illustrating the reach of their initiatives.

CARE International now has a site that combines usability and personality with key home page features including: latest news/photos/publications, interactive world map, links to Care Members and a tweets sidebar; resulting in a truly engaging and user-led experience.


As part of their comms audit CARE realised that their website was seriously out of date and needed to be aligned with their fresh, new visual branding. As one of the, if not the, main communication mediums for the organisation it was important to create an effective portal of all relevant CARE messaging. ACW were commissioned to propose solutions for structure, design, user experience, content and a content management solution.

ACW undertook one of our unique research strategies to enable us, in partnership with CARE, to develop the best site for their audience. In ACW’s experience an organisations’ objectives can often be out of tune with audience needs; therefore ACW has devised processes to allow the correct alignment of organisation and audience.

The research phase looked at CARE organisational core values through to strategic aims, mission and vision, current perceptions of the website and many other factors that will help in the development of a strong and cohesive online presence. This process will highlight any gaps in perception and understanding and help gain valuable insights.

In the first instance, a small group of no more than twenty people are divided into two groups, one half acting as the ‘organisation’ and the other as the ‘audience’. The group will comprise of key staff members at all levels and will form the core of the main steering group involved at all major decision-making stages within the project. Each group is to debate various topics to establish synergy between the two often divergent viewpoints and allow CARE to determine the most appropriate messaging and how best to display it.

The concept behind this strategy is to challenge the organisations' perception of what their understanding of what types of information and brand messaging should be impart from the viewpoint of the organisation and then get them to compare it to the types of information and brand messaging the audience actually want. We will also examine the core values of the services that CARE provide and the role its website and the wider marketing mix have in respect to both printed and online materials.

Our experience within charity and the private sector enables us to formulate research that delivers objective answers that deliver truly effective results. ACW believe that it is only through a full and frank evaluation of the reasons behind what you do, that will give valuable insights into the best mechanisms for change.

The understanding and insights gained during scoping are then used to directly inform the selection of appropriate methods and the development of a working proposition that can be taken into the next development stage. Initial insights also provide a baseline by which interventions can be measured and evaluated.