COPs 2015 was held in Geneva and the first time that the Meetings of the Conferences of Parties to the Basel, Rotterdam and Stockholm Conventions had been held back-to-back.

CONFERENCE branding & graphics
CONFERENCE branding & graphics 3 CONFERENCE branding & graphics 2

CONFERENCE Branding & Graphics

The meetings, attended by about 1,200 participants from 169 countries, are aimed at strengthening protection against hazardous chemicals and waste and lasted two weeks. The main theme was ‘From science to action, working for a safer tomorrow’ so it was only natural that it also featured a Science fair.

A multi-faceted branding exercise was required; for the overall conference, separately for the three conventions… and also the science fair. ACW managed to design a logotype that consisted of four elements in one, with three complimentary colourways that could appear singly to separate the brands or combine to form the master… and another also for the science fair. We then set about designing a comprehensive set of guidelines that contained templates for everything from Leaflets and Brochures to Posters and Corporate materials that their stakeholders could use and adapt easily.

We then proceeded to design and produce the wide range of graphics and banners for use around the halls and also supplied branded Pens, Pads, Badges and USB Cards to hand out to attendees.

The conference branding and materials were hailed as a great success, from partners and from attendees alike – receiving much acclaim.