An international organisation based in Switzerland that works to eliminate mines, explosive remnants of war and other explosive hazards. It works with national and local authorities to help them plan, coordinate, implement, monitor and evaluate mine action programmes.


Demining Posters – 2013

Demining is an issue we are all aware of, but fortunately one which many of us will never have to encounter first-hand. However, to assist those who do and working with GICHD and security forces working for the UN, we developed a pictographic style that anyone could understand regardless of language.

To be clearly understandable the posters were designed with individual safety processes graphically displayed in the appropriate order; colours were bright and illustrations clear. Posters were initially reproduced at A1 size and to extend their lifespan and usability we had them printed onto waterproof vinyl – another benefit was that they could rolled up to facilitate transportation (without becoming creased or damaged). Metal eyelets around the edges also meant that they could be displayed and reused indefinitely.

The initial poster was received favourably by all parties and is already proving a great success in the field – we have subsequently completed the second with our focus now on producing a third to complete the set.