The International Network for Human Rights support organisations that defend the human rights of those in Latin American countries and facilitate their actions before the United Nations Human Rights Council and international enforcement bodies.

RIDH app RIDH app

“Thank you so much for the great news about the new version being updated. We have almost 500 downloads and the feedback from people at the UN is great!”

Diego de León Sagot, Support Program Coordinator – RIDH

Interactive Humanitarian (and Human-Centric) Calendar

RIDH (and their partners) required a method of keeping their extended community up-to-date about the large number of humanitarian meetings and events occurring in Geneva throughout the year.

ACW proposed an app that would do all this… and more.

The user is able to customize displayed information according to their preferences by selecting from four main categories and their sub categories – the event is then shown alongside its date, related information, downloadable resources the ability to export to your calendar – events are also viewable via the integrated calendar. The app also contains a questionnaire to gather information from users, helping to build a picture of users and also displays latest news.

The client wanted to manage app content themselves – so we built a simple-to-use web portal, allowing complete control over all functionalities, content and alerts.

RIDH love their new app, as do its users – easy-to-use, interactive and with huge functional appeal.



RIDH Website

Scalable/responsive Website design and build – 2013

The RIDH website was dated and lacked style. We were asked to come up with a fresh new design language that promoted their organisation and its activities more effectively. The functionality of the existing site was also hampered by lack of integration with portable devices and new media.

We took the opportunity of evolving the secondary branding into a cohesive style to give the website a strong visual identity. Functionality and user experience was also evaluated to ensure that the site was as interactive and user-friendly as possible. ACW built the site using our own EasyContent 2 CMS which allows anyone, anywhere to update the site and uses fully scalable architecture so that it can be viewed on a wide variety of portable devices, from smartphones to tablets.

An fully-functioning website that the client can update with the benefit of social media interaction. The ease and ability to update now means the site is current and newsworthy, with a much more interactive look and feel.