Roll Back Malaria

As the umbrella organisation and standard bearer in the fight against malaria, it is important for RBM to publicise and promote its methods and values in everything it does for the benefit of its members and partner organisations.

The leaflets have gone to Addis Ababa and I would like to thank very much, you and the team at ACW for the great job. It has been a real pleasure to work together and I hope that RBM will greatly benefit from having a fresh, beautiful and efficient new flyer. Again, thanks a lot for the wonderful contribution.

Christelle Thomas, Publications Manager – Roll Back Malaria


New Literature Format

To help RBM re-focus its objectives and increase the effectiveness of all printed communications was the challenge; along with a brand refresh to ensure all materials have greater identity as well as prominence.

To increase visibility amongst their audience and to clearly impart the many different messages of its members, we developed a strong new visual theme that required RBM to drastically re-evaluate their approach to content – out went text-heavy layouts – in came concise, impactful messaging. The initial part of this process was to evaluate the main logotype, introducing secondary wording and clarifying exclusion areas so that the RBM brand stood out on all materials regardless of layout. Brand guidelines were the final piece of the jigsaw, ensuring consistency could be easily achieved.

Increased visibility and promotion, with consistent products that demonstrate a greater understanding of the relationship between RBM and its members, resulting in much greater retention of materials.


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Interactive Publication

Roll Back Malaria were keen for the web-based version of their Annual Report to be more digestable and an intuitive, interactive experience focussed on the publications' key points. The interactive publication included:

  • Easy-to-use, interactive navigation
  • Clearly delineated sections
  • Graphically presented key achievements
  • Special feature on Malaria
  • Timeline of key events throughout the previous year
  • Intuitively presented facts and figures

ACW came up with a design that made the most of the landscape format, whilst being simple to use and navigate; with the relative benefits of being relatively easy and cost-effective to produce.

View the Roll Back Malaria site here »


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Pop-up Stand – design and production

IAS wanted a couple of large Pop-up stands designed and produced to reinforce their presence at the many events and conferences they attend throughout the year. Using the previously developed branding as a guide we came up with two completely different stand layouts. Strongly themed, the stands are a highly effective way to publicise IAS, being also durable and easy to erect. In their own compact custom case, which doubles up as a counter, they are also easy to transport to events all around the world.