Stop TB Partnership

To support World TB Day, falling on March 24th each year, ACW were asked to develop an awareness campaign highlighting the ongoing TB plight in many countries.

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Main Campaign

ACW came up with a unique approach that would involve audiences participation we wanted to get the people that were attending various conferences and events involved at some level as we believed this would empower the audience and improve awareness . We created a series of illustrated characters that the audience could relate to which were all wearing T-shirts with the strapline ‘Stop TB in my lifetime’ printed boldly on the front.

We then concerned ourselves with how to involve the audience in the campaign, so that they would feel a part of the campaign and not simply another observer. We wanted the audiences to feel part of what was going on so that they would be able to develop an association with the campaign and become motivated to learn more and pass the message on to others.

Interactive pull up banners

We turned our attention to a highly interactive pull up banner that the audience could engage with. A range of characters were illustrated on the banners with a cut out for the face so that they could place their head through the hole; to further personalise the experience participants could choose from a selection of messages and even the colour and style of their hair to add a level of fun to encourage participation further. Finally, the result was photographed and uploaded to a on-line gallery.

The fun interactive element broke down resistance to participate and gave a real sense of ownership to the campaign. To promote the campaign further we then began to develop how it could grow virally using forms of social media.

Interactive website

Adapting the concept for use online was the next goal so we developed a website that would allow the user to build their own poster. Principally a user uploaded their picture to the website and then chose from a selection of characters of people all wearing the T shirt “Stop TB in my Lifetime” printed on the front. Your face once uploaded was automatically positioned in the cut out of the face so uploaded face now appeared part of the character. You were then able to customise it further with a selection of straplines and hair similar to the pull up banners. A choice of 5 languages allowed the site to reach to a diverse audience and maximise it potential.

These images were then loaded to a gallery section of the site where all approved posters were viewable to all visitors. The site also boasted extensive social media, forums, blogs and video libraries.

The website was an instant hit with 1000’s of people visiting the site after conferences and events to add their face to the growing numbers supporting the WHO stop TB in my life time campaigns.

Such a hit that we have now modified the site so that the theme can be extended to other campaigns such as stop TB and Aids In My Lifetime.

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2010 Annual Report

We successfully tendered for a set of Annual Reports for the Stop TB partnership and the global drug facility. Both had defined briefs where imagery was not to be used which some might feel too restrictive for a creative solution. ACW saw this as a challenge so we developed very graphical covers that supported the reports nature and adopted a very modern informational graphic style that brought the data to life.

The result were two reports that delivered the core information simply and intuitively to the reader. Two reports that both WHO and ACW are proud to display.