Trial International

TRIAL International’s mission is to fight for justice when international crimes are committed – crimes such as genocide, crimes against humanity, war crimes, enforced disappearance, sexual violence and extrajudicial execution.

ACW were asked to consider the type of organization TRIAL needed to be to become more effective on the world stage, to better promote their activities and reinforce their international standing. Part of the exhaustive research and consultation process was to evaluate everything from company positioning, credibility, image and even name.

TRAIL International


After proposing a range of suitable logotypes, one was chosen that would position them as credible and authoritative, yet also modern and progressive.

A comprehensive set of brand guidelines was then developed, to fully explain the brand elements and templates – ensuring the brand style is accurately implemented throughout in the world.

Next, was to design the wide range of corporate literature and publications and document templates that would enable the clients' many frontline actors to create their own branded documents.

Part of the brief was to design and build a “digital” corporate brochure with the format and content tailored appropriately for mobile devices to deliver a highly rewarding interactive experience.



TRIAL International Website

The theme was carried over to the resource-heavy website, the challenge being to present its' wide variety of contents in highly interactive and intuitive ways.

The site has a major resource in the “TRIAL WATCH” section, containing many hundreds of cases – our emphasis was on usability and interactivity through the use of comprehensive search filters.

The site was fully content managed, with interactive features such as maps able to pull in activity automatically from the “back-end” with anyone able to edit any part of the site quickly and easily.

Because of the wide number of content editors and browsers used we optimised the site not only for wide range of machine types but also mobile devices.