The Water Supply and Sanitation Collaborative Council's vision is of a world where everybody has sustained water supply, sanitation and hygiene. WSSCC is committed to contributing substantially to global efforts for vulnerable sections of society, with a special focus on communities in Africa and Asia.


WSSCC Branding

ACW were asked to update the primary brand logotype by our friends at WSSCC. The new logotype was to reference the existing version, but had to consider the full scope of WSSCC's work while simultaneously portraying the organisation as progressive and modern (which we hope you'll agree we have achieved).

After developing a variety of options, the client chose their favourite which was further developed into the final product shown here. Also refined were secondary colourways and graphic developments to allow for greater scope and flexibility across a range of printed and interactive materials. The client was delighted with the new logotype, which is complimented by a comprehensive set of improved brand guidelines.

These updates have breathed new life into WSSCC's existing marketing materials, and will also accompany the project's second stage: rebranding the organization'scomplete set of publications, the first examples of which can be seen below.


WSSCC Brochure Spread 1 WSSCC Brochure Spread 2 WSSCC Brochure Spread 3

Publications Branding

To accompany WSSCC's ‘smart’ new logotype, our design team then set about dramatically updating the organization's suite of publications. The goal was to provide each 'set' with a familial but distinct personality, and as with everything we do, functionality and usability were high on our list of deliverables.

Every design aspect was taken into consideration - from typography to colourways, secondary graphic elements and photographic treatments – and all contributed to a highly distinctive and functional set of materials that will form the backbone of WSSCC's publications program for years to come.



Questionnaire App


Part of the important work WSSCC do is to collect data on the people whose lives they seek to improve – to inform policy-making and to ensure appropriate practical measures are taken.

What better way to collect this data than with an App loaded onto a tablet. The questionnaire was designed and built to be as easy and intuitive to use as possible with clear text and descriptive imagery. Large amounts of collected data can be stored on the tablet and when available, uploaded to a web portal where it can be exported on spreadsheets or displayed as user-friendly charts and graphs.

Sierra Leone was the first location chosen so the app contents were translated into French and loaded onto several tablets for field trials – this was an important part of the development process, helping refine questions and functionality requirements.

The app is now being successfully used by WSSCC staff and because the process is relatively simple, extensively by field workers also… data from the people, to the people… empowering communities and effecting lasting change.


Menstrual Hygiene Health initiative – 2013

Menstrual Hygiene Health initiative – 2013

Menstrual Hygiene remains a taboo subject, biologically centre stage but neglected in adolescent girls and women’s health, education and quality of life. ACW were asked by WSSCC to produce a range of highly effective and practical materials to promote this ground-breaking initiative.

Our brief was to design graphics that could be applied to a wide range of educational materials – with the centrepiece being a 3m x 3m tent that was to be used as a ‘classroom’ in which Indian girls could be taught about menstrual hygiene out in the field. We made it look like a typical Indian hut, with traditional 'tiled' roof and mud walls and attractive imagery showing the training process, campaign pledges and 'bracelet' graphic denoting the menstrual cycle. Supporting materials included booklets/leaflet/invite and an interactive wheel explaining the stages of menstruation and a metre-high doll on which the trainers could demonstrate the use of sanitary towels.

A range of highly practical and innovative materials produced in English and Hindi that educate Indian girls with a view to fostering understanding that menstruation is a fact of life, and a distinct biological female attribute that women should be proud of, not ashamed by.


Menstrual Hygiene Health initiative – 2013

Sexual Education Booklets – 2013

WSSCC needed an educational aid to help inform Indian boys and girls about their sexual development and the every-day natural problems that occur.

The solution had to answer the questions young people encounter growing up, but are often too afraid to seek advice or unable to find answers they can trust.

Particular care had to be paid to the highly sensitive nature surrounding naked imagery in Indian Society and to counter this we came up with an ingenious ‘picture book’ concept that hid sensitive content under lift-up flaps. Furthermore, to separate the ‘sexes’ further – one half of the book was entirely dedicated to girls and the other boys. Particular attention was also given to getting the illustrations right with the correct types of clothing and colourways all considered.

Highly practical and innovative, the books were designed and produced by ACW in English and Hindi and will help to break down stigma and ignorance, further promoting the welfare of Indian boys, girls and young adults.