Enfield Community Trust

NHS Enfield Community Services realised they needed to improve their effectiveness at reaching their incredibly diverse population with more distinctive marketing materials. Enfield has one of the most diverse demographics of any borough in England. One has only to examine the various languages spoken to realise this diversity.

I just wanted to personally thank all of you for your contribution to the project. It definitely has been an experience but I hope that what you previewed last week shows that it was worth all the hard work. The consultation process and focus groups have led to a real sense of ownership amongst staff – resulting in an unprecedented level of participation.

Sarah McGeough, CYP Project Manager – Enfield Community Services

The collaboration between our Project Group and ACW was industrious and professional right from the start. It was clear that ACW clearly understood our requirements and patiently helped us to deliver a complex project – the result is a first class intranet.

Bill Nuttall, Associate Director of Corporate Services – Enfield Community Services

The brief was to promote Enfield Community Services as a separate organisation and develop a strategy that will enable their web presence to effectively reach out and inform, educate and affect the way people access health care in the borough, regardless of social demographic.

Policy formulation and Scoping

Both ACW and Enfield Community Services have identified that a singular approach in communicating to their population may not be ideal. Social Marketing is the order of the day, firstly to identify user needs and requirements and secondly to understand how to structure all materials to be as receptive as possible.

Shaping their services

ACW undertook a series of surveys to understand the population of Enfield, their preferences and requirements. These results, coupled with previous analyses, helped us to enable Enfield Community Services to build a picture of the past, present and future “needs” of their diverse audience.

The aim was to build a unique picture of peoples opinions and views on communication styles and treatments which would then enable us to create the most appropriate language for each demographic.

Secondary Branding

Using the data from the research process, and successively using focus grups, we were enabled in creating the type of logotype that would be the most effective in reaching out to the diverse community and demonstrating graphically who ECS were and their realtionship with their patients. The logo was (like the local population) colourful, expressive and invoked a real sense of the public facing nature of the organisation and its services.


As part of the process of rebrand was to completely re-design and build a new staff intranet. The old version was not particularly user-friendly and usage was low. To discover why and also to understand the disparate user requirements, we initiated a research process that involved a wide cross-section of the staff. Starting with a few key people the groups soon grew once the process was seen to be inclusive and effective; with us making the processes as transparent as possible by implementing a consultation microsite where the designs and process could be viewed and commented on anywhere and at any time. The site featured an Information section, Online Questionnaire, Q&A section and a Discussion Forum. Regular email newsletters kept everyone up-to-date with the process with an increasingly large numbers of people attending the steering group sessions we were sure the end result was going to exceed expectotions.

Large amounts of design and build were devoted to not only how the site looked but at the core functionality; the result is a site whose structure was decided democratically with a strong sense of process integrated within its structure. The site was launched to much acclaim with the consultation process ensuring unprecedented levels of staff buy-in and subsequent usage.