TRAD Group – Building on success

As a long-established company with an enviable reputation it was essential to leverage their abilities. TRAD needed to update their disparate image; and also actively promote their three divisions, their abilities and services. Each division is an integral part of the TRAD Group and it was essential that the branding followed this ethos whilst promoting each company and their attributes through distinct sets of themes, whilst visually relating back to the Group.

We consulted ACW because of the need to portray our forward thinking but highly technical company image. ACW has produced a range of marketing materials for us, including websites, brochures, PR, events, and copywriting. This is why we work with ACW: we can trust them with any marketing brief and they will return a solution that achieves real results.

Des Moore, Managing Director – TRAD

Complete branding and marketing materials development

Once the core identity issues were tidied up and each company was given their own unique personality our attention was focused on each companies’ marketing requirements. An important part of the branding exercise was to ensure that it was flexible enough to be adapted to the specific requirements of differing ranges of marketing materials.


The TRAD Group is an access company consisting of 3 divisions; Scaffolding, Hire & Sales and Safety Systems. Three closely related but separately-run companies, each with their own offices and staff, each having different specialisms and services – but all with the same ethos of optimum quality of service, reliability and cost-effectiveness. The website was produced at the start of the branding process and was designed to give a common home to the three divisions while allowing each to have their own presence and identity.

TRAD Safety Systems

With a strong commitment to health & safety, TSS work alongside the construction industry to prevent and protect against workplace accidents and have developed a diverse and professional range of specialised products that meet and exceed Health & Safety Executive regulations. Their network of four depots located across the country mean they have UK-wide coverage with the resources and capabilities to meet the demands of the largest of projects.


Part of the problem was the wide range of products and safety solutions and how best to categorise, promote and display them. We came up with a very simple black and grey background tas a foil to the logo and to complement the yellow and pink house colours. To reinforce the need for safety products and to highlight the dangers that exist on all building sites we illustrated a set of custom-designed warning signs – these ran alongside key copy and related to specific products and ranges. A set of icons was also designed to further highlight and differentiate.

Product Brochures

A series of brochures followed on from the core branding and were laid out clearly with extensive use of imagery to aid familiarity with the products and their exact usage. For their innovative in-house Safety Deck fall prevention system we accompanied the product guide with a step-by-step illustrated erection guide. To clarify the product selection process we drew icons that further aided selection.


Accessibility is always high on our list of priorities, and with the wide range of products and features it was important that the website layouts remain clear and easy to read. A critical process that starts with the design process and is carried through to the build.

Interactive Presentation

As part of their sales process TRAD Safety Systems asked us to come up with an interactive selling tool, one that could be sent out as part of a mailshot or used by their sales team in the field. We incorporated interactive navigation and the ability to pause or review sections to aid usability. Starting with an overview of the company, the presentation moved into installation guides and finally an overview of their product range and specifications. A valuable addition to their sales process and an item of differentiation in this crowded marketplace.


Another important part of any sales process is the emailer. Some are product specific, while others are more news based – and all link to their constantly updated website to complete the information, data capture and sales process.

TRAD Scaffolding

TRAD Scaffolding is a privately owned company with a turnover of approximately £20 million and the leading scaffolding company within London and the surrounding areas, a position that has beenmaintained for almost 40 years. They undertake projects of all types from some of the largest and most complex in the Capital to overnight retail solutions in suburban areas, and have the expertise and stock to meet any need. Their large, directly employed workforce are highly skilled and enjoy the benefits of ongoing training. This reflects on their impeccable safety record, that enables Lloyds to rank them among the top 3 in the UK.


To separate TS from their competitors, a striking theme was designed using the logo orange and introducing an exclusive looking silver. Imposing type and elements of scaffolding as graphic items were introduced to complete the distinctive look. The stationery was printed in 6 colours with orange and silver specialsand the scaffolding image embossed for further effect - possibly our most prestigious stationery range yet.

Truck Wraps – advertising on the move

When TRAD asked us to design some graphics for their brand new fleet of environmentally friendly trucks, we jumped at the chance to make them really eyecatching. Using elements of scaffolding as graphic devices, we turned their trucks into mobile billboards, shouting the TRAD brand wherever they went.

PR Folder and Inserts

Many of their high-profile projects have been anything but, with the only clue to their involvement being a small on-site sign. TRAD needed a press pack to promote the ground-breaking work that do they do. A 6pp folder was produced to hold the press releases, letter, any imagery and news of their projects as and when they happen. Inserts are produced once a project is completed, often with us having to go on-site to photograph at key stages.

TRAD Scaffolding Website

To reinforce their standing we wanted to produce a similarly innovative web experience. Following on using the silver and orange we developed an engaging website with animated headings and imagery. The navigation was interactive and the page layouts kept clean and uncluttered. Key words were introduced that emphasised the TRAD difference and continually updated news items ensure visitor interest is maintained.

TRAD Hire & Sales

TH&S are one of the UK’s market leaders for the supply of scaffold tube, fittings, boards, system scaffolding, stair towers, temporary roofing systems and associated equipment. All the products they stock are of the highest quality and comply fully with all relevant British or European Standards. In addition, is their commitment to exceeding all safety standards, for all of their products. From the smallest requirement to complete hire or sale packages, their nationwide network of depots have the resources and capabilities to meet the demands of the largest projects.

Product Brochure

A comprehensive brochure was required to showcase their complete product range with specifications. At-a-glance tabs ensure product finding is immediate with the house colours being picked up in the background and headings.

Product Guide

Construction workers have no time for bulky brochures, so we designed this handy pocket-sized guide to be accessible anywhere. The credit card sized brochure unfolds to reveal their complete product range and was a great success with everyone commenting on how useful they were. A unique solution to a problem nobody realised existed.


A great client that understands the value of branding and listens to lateral suggestions on how to market their products. TRAD are very pleased with the results and continue to develop their business using truly effective marketing materials.