App Creation & Marketing

With the opportunity to reach over 12,000,000 web enabled devices in the UK alone, and the possibility of international expansion it is vital that your app has the ability to increase customer retention exponentially via a campaign that is interactive, informative and engaging.


We are pleased with the pieces of work we have developed together. It has been a fluent communication. Your approach is in a friendly way, and you never say no, especially regarding budgets and so on. You are able to adapt the outcome to the budget and this creates a great feeling. I would love to work together in a long term marketing strategy.

Diego de León Sago, Program Coordinator – RIDH


Apps are the must-have technology of the moment. But why do you need an app and how are you going to produce something unique and useful? At ACW we know our iOs from our Android and can navigate you through this complicated process from design to build and the all-important marketing.

So whether your aim is to promote your campaign, company or product; drive more traffic to your website or reach more potential donors it it imperative that your app deliver on its promises. How do you make sure that your app is user friendly, has been designed to appeal to a broad range of users, spanning age generations and demographics in order to appeal to the widest possible target market?

At ACW we’ve been working on mobile applications for the past three years; from branded IP mobile games to location based apps. Our wide range of experience gives us a diverse skill set, armed and ready to tackle any problem that faces us.

Often it’s the small things that make the difference between success and failure. Being able to identify these things is an important part of fully forming an app or game into a finished product; we know that in a fiercely competitive market it’s often the most seemingly insignificant details that end up making all the difference.

The Product Life Cycle

ACW are experienced in every stage of the product lifecycle, from the initial design and prototyping all the way to QA and distribution. We firmly believe that having a solid understanding and experience in all parts of a product, provides a unique perspective that adds to each individual stage of development; it allows us to look ahead to see potential problems during design, and focus on the things during development that really matter.

App Marketing

Once your app is built it's time for the next critical phase – marketing your app. It is vital that this process is planned and executed exactly to ensure the app fulfils its potential and realise on your initial investment. From building a promotional microsite, video, press pack, banners and emails, all focussed on achieving the most positive of receptions… to get people interested, reinforce perceptions and drive them to download your app.

Our marketing abilities are carefully coordinated with integrated databases of journalists, bloggers and app review sites all contained in a CRM package that enables us to process and track contacts so that the maximum benefit is achieved.

Our skills:

  • Application & Games design
  • Application & Games development
  • Market research
  • Usability Engineering
  • Product testing
  • Server development
  • App Advertising
  • App Marketing & PR