A great brand communicates your values, message, and personality. Strong brands have built big audiences by inspiring empathy and loyalty (strong emotive motives). We can help you to identify the values that make your organisation special and ensure you communicate them loud and clear.


The leaflets have gone to Addis Abbeba and I would like to thank very much, you and the team at ACW for the great job. It has been a real pleasure to work together and I hope that RBM will greatly benefit from having a fresh, beautiful and efficient new flyer. Again, thanks a lot for the wonderful contribution.

Christelle Thomas, Publications Manager – Roll Back Malaria

Branding Branding

Got a message? Give it some style.

You’re special (in a really good way). Even if your brand values are broad and unformulated, they’re already there – hidden in everything you say and do for your audience. Identify your uniqueness, and you’re on the way to making your brand work harder for you.

Those corporate objectives and key messages look dull on paper – but with a bit of insight and magic, they become a living, breathing brand. At ACW we’re experts in filtering out the corporate jargon and distilling your brand essence. But why bother? Because a genuinely value-driven brand will always attract a bigger slice of the market.

Unsure what your brand consists of? We’ll help you to plan and develop it. Simply want a new perspective on your existing brand? We’ll assess it and recommend ways to improve your audience appeal. Need to bring printed and online materials into sync according to your brand values? No problem. When it comes to stylish branding we’re the experts.

We could talk about branding all day. But we’d rather just do it.

Every brand has its own set of values, its own audience, and its own expectations. We’re not here to tell you what they are or dictate how to move forward. Our role is to assess and understand your business, to discover your goals, and then – finally – to tease out a strategy for getting the very best for your company.

We can come in as early or as late in the process as you like. If you’ve prepared the research and the positioning, ask us to introduce a little creativity and realise the visual nature of your brand. If you’re at the very start of your business journey, invite us to help you name and build your brand. Creating a brand presence early gives your venture a strong competitive advantage.

To set you apart from your average competitor, we begin with a series of initiatives to understand your audience. How do people interact with you? How do they view your image? What makes them feel good (or bad) about your brand? Next we link this to your business objectives, and identify a plan to turn our research into a genuinely sparkling brand.

Give it some personality

You’ve identified your brand positioning – now you need to translate it to a visual personality that puts your competitors in the shade! We’re accomplished in creating brands for organisations in the private and public sector, understanding the core of your brand and bringing it to life.

Ask us to create your logo, stationery, and online presence. Ask us to shortlist business names. Ask us to evolve your brand and prepare it for the future. Ask us to help you develop your brand hierarchy to reach different audiences. Ask us to reposition your offering. Ask us to write you a set of branding guidelines for perfect cohesion. Ask us to work with your in-house teams or your external agency. Ask us to come up with solutions – then challenge them, question them, and send us back to redesign. It’s your brand. Let’s make it perfect.

Branding starts from the inside out

It’s communicated through every interaction, from shop floor to customer care. We’ll work with you to help your staff understand and communicate your values.

How we do it

We gather insight from workshops, investigative interviews, online surveys, audience profiling, competitor research, and usability surveys. Every project is different, so we’ll apply some or all of these methods according to your needs. Everything starts with getting to know you and your customers – putting us on the inside track to success.