Graphic Design

In this all-pervading digital age, we believe that a great piece of graphic design will stand out as never before, for this reason beautifully crafted brochures have far more impact than they have done for years. The same can be said for Annual Reports, Direct Mail, even the humble letterhead.


We chose ACW because they had experience when it came to dealing with the public sector and seemed to be able to offer us an innovative product at good value. It proved to be a very good choice. ACW were helpful, professional and creative, resulting in a really excellent annual report, delivered on time and on budget.

James Taylor, Communications Manager – Frimley Park Hospital NHS Foundation Trust


At ACW our understanding is that Graphic Design relates to the things you can touch and feel; and that truly good graphic design insinuates itself into the very fabric of our lives in altering our perceptions about products, services and companies.

We're not advocates of web over print, or vice versa – each medium has its own specific strengths and weaknesses and we understand that to be truly effective a marketing campaign has to play on its attributes and ally processes and products according to need. At ACW we know when to accentuate the positives of each according to project type.

It’s a great time for graphic design as we have more options than ever before, including some amazing individual digital printing services – meaning each brochure you send can be targeted to a specific individual. The same can be said for Annual Reports, Direct Mail, even the humble letterhead, it is part of our remit and joy to craft each one to be as personalised and individual as we can.


In an age of photo manipulation, it is becoming ever more difficult to stand out! Beautiful, distinctive, versatile… all things are possible with illustration and we have a team of talented artists at our disposal. To truly differentiate and add character, all at an extremely attractive cost, look no further than this magical medium.

So whether you are looking to embellish an annual report or an app we have the ability to transform your next project into something truly individual.