Social Media

Social media opens a door to the desires and behaviours of a consumer without the need for more traditional and invasive blanket-marketing. With a strategic social media campaign, you can identify very specific demographics to connect with and share information of real interest and relevance.

The key objective was to develop a decentralised website network which allowed staff to locally upload material to their website with ease. I can recommend ACW for their ability to listen carefully to requirements and develop a product which matched our needs fully within the allotted budget.

Internet co-ordinator – International Save the Children Alliance

Social media

Social media has become the back-bone of online marketing; with hundreds of web-based tools to choose from, choosing the right ones for your business can be exhausting. ACW are at hand to guide you through the process ensuring any and every social media platform you employ works hard for your organisation.

"By not tweeting your tweeting, you're sending a message"

‘Trending’ is the buzz word of a generation, but more importantly, a real-time advertisement from consumers actively publishing their wants, needs and interests. Social media allows organisations to not only ascertain valuable information on contemporary and fashionable trends, but with an expertly implemented viral campaign can even start one themselves.

"You are what you tweet"

With sites including; Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Bebo, Pinterest, Foursquare and many more, the social media universe is constantly expanding and with it, limitless opportunities. The time to invest in social media is now, the experts at ACW will guide you through the process to show you where social media could take your business.

Social Media Management

A common criticism of social media is return-on-investment, in particular the time required to actively manage numerous sites and blogs. The key to ensuring social media is working in your favour is to partially automate the process; ACW are able to source, recommend and install a variety of different tools that will alleviate the stress and burden of manually updating each site by automatically posting news that is fed via RSS to each platform.