CAUX Logo and Branded Promotional Materials

The CAUX-Initiatives of Change Foundation is an officially recognized independent Swiss foundation. It owns and manages the Caux Conference Centre, the former Caux-Palace Hotel above Montreux, where each summer it hosts and organizes the Caux Forum.

The CAUX-Initiatives of Change Foundation’s vision is a just, peaceful and sustainable world in which people act from a sense of global interdependence and responsibility.

The Caux Foundation needed to promote their three different activities – Caux Forum was the first and required a vibrant new logotype and branded set of promotional materials.

ACW were involved in all three rebranding exercises – Caux Forum required a vibrant new logotype and brand style that would convey a consistently high set of values and effectively align all communication materials in visually arresting ways.

A colourful ‘petal’ shape was designed whose individual colourways could be separated to brand each of the ‘course types’.

  • — Consultation & strategy
  • — Branding
  • — Brand guidelines
  • — Publication design
  • — Illustrations
  • — Print - litho & digital
  • — Conference design & production

Our design team also developed comprehensive brand guidelines and events materials to help publicise further.

Events folder & inserts

A folder was designed to hold the ‘event’ inserts and the front cover ‘die-cut’ to show the contents within.